Welcome to our new yarn page!  You will find a great variety of Icelandic yarns to fit your project needs from bulky to the finest in fingering weight, in an array of all the natural colors derived from the beauty of Icelandic sheep. Click on the photos for a closer view!

We have divided the yarns into two categories:  The FlockFibers Series and UltraLamb.  FlockFibers yarns are produced from the yarns of our ewe and ram flocks.  These yarns will be very durable and best suited for outer garments, felted-knits, exceptional boot socks and rug-making.  UltraLamb yarns are made purely from Icelandic lamb’s wool.  These yarns have a much softer, finer feel.  Those who are sensitive to wool scratchiness may find these yarns surprisingly acceptable.  Most of our yarns are made in the UltraLamb series and there are many varieties and colors from which to choose.


Ultra Lamb Series


Packstring Fingering: 450 yd/ 100g, singles, $17.00/100g skein

Black Bear / Campfire Smoke / TimberWolf

Paradise Aran: 150 yd/ 100g, two-ply, $17.00/100g skein

Chimney Rock / Grey Owl / Charlie White / Chico Chocolate / Fridley Frappe / LochLeven Latte

Backcountry Bulky: 115-120 yd/ 100g, 3-ply, $17.00/100g skein

From Left to Right: Blacktail (a soft black)/ Big Horn (light beige)/ Hyalite (white)
Charboneaux (deep black)/ Deep Creek (darkest grey) / Grulla (med. dark grey)
Silver Tip (silvery grey) / Beartooth (light grey)

FlockFibers Series

Shepherd Sock/Sport: 220yd/ 100g, 2-ply, $15.00/ 100g skein

Coffee w\ Cream / Black Mist / Blue Merle

Wolf Ridge Originals Worsted: 170yd/ 100g, 3-ply, $15.00/ 100g skein

Grey / Brown / Black

Wolf Ridge Originals Bulky: 100yd/ 100g, 2 & 3 ply, $15.00/ 100g skein

Icelander’s Grey 3-ply / Sir Dudley 2-ply / Boot Sock Grey 2-ply

Hand-made Treasures with Wolf Ridge Icelandic yarns

Backcountry Bulky "Big Horn"
Doll & Sweater made by Sally Hughes, Shepherd Sport/Sock