Bulk Roving for Rug Projects (new!)

Most Natural Colors available and sold in 3 lb minimum bulk at a $1.75 per ounce.  This roving is derived from our adult ewe flock, and includes blends of all lengths of fibers and of various textures.  This is an ideal roving for crocheted rugs,bulk felted knits, let your imagination go wild!!

Handspinner’s Delight

Carded from carefully selected Lamb Wool of the most soft, silky, clean & sound fibers grown from our flock,  all our Spinner’s Roving is made from lamb wool only unless otherwise stated.

Price = $1.95/oz, in bumps of 8-10 oz sizes

Available Colors:
Grey, Cream, Oatmeal, Oatmeal Stripe, True Black

Dyed Roving

A rainbow blend of dyed locks prepared in 8 oz. roving bumps of both lamb and the softest of adult fibers

Price = $2.25/oz.

Available Colors: Pinks, yellows, peaches, blues, greens, and stripes of these colors blended together

Natural Colored Batting

Take time to learn a new technique!  Felting!!  Try our bats for both wet felting and needling.

(greys, black, creams and blends of each)

$1.75/oz in 10-12 oz. rolls

Dyed Batting

(a rainbow of colors to choose, blended from dyed locks )

Price: $2.10/oz, 10-12 oz. rolls

Available Colors:
Blues, pinks, reds, yellows and greens.